VIRÓN4ALL. crafting a more equitable, just intersectional future for all people.

earth first

we like to think of the earth as our home, and treat her just like that.

animal liberation

we will not oppress any other conscious being on earth, ever.

do you know who made your shoes?

transparency is the foundation of Virón. for us your knowledge comes first. come with us for a behind the scenes tour of our production process and meet the people who make the magic happen.

standing with the planet

we like to think of the Earth as our home, and treat her just like that. we use as few new materials as possible and created a system which is based on repurposing the waste of others.

plant materials that just make sense.

recycled materials

all our soles are made from recycled rubber. we mainly use recycled canvas for our uppers, lining and insoles. recycled PET bottles and fishnets are also part of our collection.

upcycled materials

we work with several warehouses in Europe where we source surplus military supplies and upcycle them into new uppers. we are currently working on expanding our list of upcycled materials.

our shipping box

our shoes are packaged in a recycled + biodegradable cardboard box that also serves as a shipping box. your shoe box is also ensured with 100% plastic free, chemical dye free tape.

closed loop

we designed a closed loop system that extends the life of our soles: just send your old pair back to us when you’re done using them and we will take care of their next life.

plant dye

all of our dyes are environtmental-friendly and vegan and some of them are, literally, food waste or flowers.

on their side.

we are past the point of politeness. we will not oppress any other conscious being on Earth, ever. that’s why Virón is 100% vegan and PETA certified

the future of leather


our favorite leather substitute. made out of food waste from the apple juice industry in Northern Italy with 60% bio-based components.


the evolution of AppleSkin™. performs the same, looks even better: featuring a soft matte finish, our plant-based leather new entry is already a staple.


our Faux Suede as well as other leather substitutes we use are made out of recycled PET bottles: up to 16 bottles are being recycled to produce 1 sq.m. of this material.